Personal Training should reflect its name.

Too many trainers are using a one size fits all model, where every person will complete similar if not the same training sessions.

Although there will always be elements of this due to kit and space, I try to tailor each session to each individual. The most important part of personal training is finding out the reasons that the client has chosen to train.

Once the purpose is discovered, the exercise and diet plans will follow!

At present I am able to train in the following venues:

@Worle Centre, Weston-Super-Mare:

This offers a fully equipped gym and plenty of studio space for more functional training options. I will also bring my kit to add to the experience, meaning that the Cardio machines, free weights and fixed resistance will not be all you use. Boxes, Suspension training, Battle ropes and much more can be brought to the table!!

Home visits:

I have a vast amount of kit that can be brought to you! As long as you have a space big enough to spin around in with your arms out stretched, inside or outside… We’ll find something we can do! It’s always fun training people in their own domain as you can feel comfortable and at ease with your surroundings. You’re not going to become an Olympic power lifter, but I’ve found ways for people to achieve some incredible goals just training at home with minimal kit!

The Great Outdoors:

My favourite by a long way! Living in a seaside town like Weston-Super-Mare opens up the possibilities of training in some beautiful spots with amazing views! Why on Earth would you not want to train outside in the fresh air.
Using my portable kit, you could be swinging a Kettlebell on the beach by the sea, or completing chest press on a suspension trainer hanging from a branch in the woods! It truly is the best way to train in my opinion!