Revolution, the fun, challenging, circuit class that targets all areas of fitness by Andy Dockrell PT

Let the Revolution Begin!

This class has a very simple ethos… One class to rule them all! Using the old school circuit training as a base, the classes will change on a weekly basis to keep the class attendees interested and to keep their bodies guessing.

Every session will have a warm up, consisting of pulse raising and mobility exercises, followed by any manner of circuits, with different interval timings, varying kit from Kettlebells, Boxes, Suspension trainers, to simple body weight exercises and many more.

We will then always take time to stretch at the end of the class to ensure that we fulfil all aspects of fitness. The class could be based on cardio one week, stability another, strength the next, or a combination of them all!

If you want to come to a class that keeps you guessing and gets results… This could be it!

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