The Andy Dockrell Difference?

We are driven by a real passion to help our clients be better at what ever goals they choose. Our training is focused on goals not gimmicks.

Functional Focus

Less focus on machines and gimmicks means more focus on a clients needs, less potential for injury and greater core and overall body conditioning. Regardless of your starting point we can help you become stronger.

A Full Spectrum

Successful training means different things to different people. Some people love gyms, which others find them uncomfortable. Some dislike large group fitness, but can't afford 1-2-1 PT. ADPT's flexible approach venues, gyms and groups ensures we can achieve results for all.

Tools to Fit

Our belief is that regardless of your target focus or sport, your performance will be improved by improving core strength, mobility and stability. We engage all elements of the body to give you a real foundation of strength to build upon.

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Mountain Bike Skills Session – Saturday 15th December

A mountain bike skills session, designed for children aged 8-13 years old, 9-10am, meeting at the entrance to Worlebury Woods (BS22 9SG)

The session is graded ‘blue’ which means it is suitable for riders that have had previous off road riding experience. During the 1 hour session, we will tackle basic off road terrain with some single track trail, taking time …